Vehicle Leasing at Auto West Infiniti in Richmond

Auto West Infiniti Vehicle Leasing Program

If you're like most vehicle shoppers, chances are you haven't thought too much about leasing. Yet for a substantial amount of people shopping for their next new car in the Metro Vancouver area, vehicle leasing is the much more sensible choice.

At our Auto West Infiniti dealership in Richmond, BC, our leasing experts can help point out whether leasing is the best option for you, steering you towards one of our great and flexible leasing packages. We have a variety of options available when it comes to term length, kilometers, and term-end decisions, so you're bound to find a package that suits your vehicle needs and budget.

Lease vs Buy: Why Lease a New Car Instead of Finance?

There are plenty of reasons why leasing can come out ahead of financing when you weigh the options as you plan your next Infiniti acquisition. Let's explore some of the most common factors.

  • Lower monthly costs: When you lease, you don't pay for the total value of the car, you pay just for how much you drive. This means lower monthly costs for you, so you can spend that money on whatever other important financial consideration you choose, like saving up for school, planning a holiday, or saving up a down payment on a new home. And since the tax you pay also is limited to the kilometers you drive, you save here, too, compared to financing, where you start paying taxes on the total value of the vehicle from Day 1.
  • Don't get stung by depreciation: We've all heard the stat, that a vehicle loses half of its value the moment you drive it off the lot. But chances are if you're leasing, it's only for two or three years at a time. Should you purchase a new vehicle and then need to sell it within a few years of first purchase (either for relocation, requiring cash, etc.), you will typically suffer a larger loss on the trade-in or resale exchange. Through leasing, this risk is avoided.
  • Flexible end-of-term options: Many people associate leasing like renting, borrowing the product but having nothing to show for following the lease terms. But this isn't the case. When you lease with Auto West Infiniti, you'll have the choice at the end of your term to either lease another brand new vehicle, continue on with your current ride, purchase the vehicle outright for a cost pre-determined at the lease inception, or just hand in the keys and walk away! The point is that through Infiniti leasing, you have more options, and you don't need to commit to a large, long-term contract up front, when the future might still be cloudy.
  • Get a taste of luxury: For many people, especially young drivers, the cost of owning a luxury vehicle like an Infiniti is simply unrealistic. However, the shorter terms and lower monthly rates of leasing can help turn that dream into a tangible reality.

If you're still unsure whether leasing a new Infiniti is the best option for you, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our Auto West leasing advisors. With great low rates and flexible terms, Auto West Infiniti is the choice location for leasing a new luxury vehicle in the areas of Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, and White Rock, British Columbia.

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