Demo Vehicles at Auto West Infiniti

Why Buy a Demo Infiniti in Metro Vancouver, BC?

Aside from limited-time price specials we offer on models before the next yearly vehicle rollout, people aren't accustomed to saving significant amounts of money on a brand new car, less so on a luxurious Infiniti. Buying a demo car or SUV makes it all possible. 

What's a Demo? 

A demo (demonstrator) is a new vehicle that is typically one of two things: 

  1.  A vehicle driven by a dealership manager to raise that model's brand awareness through displays to friends and at special events. 
  2. A vehicle set-aside for sales consultants to provide customer test drives and feature explanation.  

Just like the rest of our new Infiniti stock, all demo vehicles are for sale. Although a demo will have a few more kilometers on the odometer, you won't be able to distinguish it from a brand new car or crossover straight off the transport truck.

Advantages to Buying a Demo Infiniti 

  • Significant discounts on new models 
  • Every demo has been meticulously cared for by our detail team with regular washes and cleaning 
  • Verifiable vehicle service history 
  • Full manufacturer's warranty plus extended plans available  

It's Better than New 

Save yourself money and purchase a new demo Infiniti sport sedan, coupe, convertible, or crossover SUV! If you have any questions regarding the demos we have in stock, give our Infiniti sales consultants in Richmond, BC a call at 604-231-9378. 


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