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Stillen Performance Parts from Auto West Infiniti

Infiniti drivers are some of the most passionate about their vehicles. And they show this by the continuing cost and care they put into customizing the look and feel of their vehicles after the date of purchase. Let's face it, if you're on this website, chances are you, too, are not satisfied with having the exact same car as everyone else, especially when Auto West Infiniti makes it this simple to browse, shop for, and install Infiniti aftermarket performance parts.

If you didn't already know, the one name that stands out the most when it comes to Infiniti performance car parts is Stillen. At Auto West Infiniti, we are your number one source for Stillen aftermarket auto parts for not just residents of Richmond, but for everyone throughout Burnaby, North Vancouver, White Rock, and the Lower Mainland.

And the best part is that no matter what year or model of Infiniti you drive, whether the new Q Series, or the Infiniti G35s or G37s of the past, Stillen has what you need. Feel free to order your parts online and then either pick them up yourself or have them installed quickly and at a fair price by one of our Infiniti parts professionals.

Stillen Infiniti Engine Performance Parts

Give your engine more juice and more instant passing power with Stillen Infiniti engine performance parts. From finding the hundreds of intricate engine parts available over the years, to boosting you cooling, filters, G35 cold air intake, or even upping your engine dress up with packages like the Stillen cat black exhaust system, you'll find the engine upgrades you need at Auto West Infiniti.

Stillen Infiniti Suspension Parts

When it comes to taking turns, nothing matters quite as much as having a properly balanced suspension. Stillen once again has everything you need to keep your Infiniti as agile and athletic as you need, including coilover shocks, chassis reinforcement, airbag systems, leveling kits, bars, braces and more.

Stillen Infiniti Exterior Accessories

You'll be hard-pressed to find an Infiniti driver who invests all their upgrades in performance but who sacrifices style. Stillen has got you covered here, too. Make your Infiniti not just yours, but you, with the help of exterior accessories like car spoilers, grilles and headlight accents, body kits, side scoops, carbon fiber, and spoilers. If you can dream it, we can make it happen through Stillen exterior accessories.

Stillen Infiniti Interior

Are you still satisfied lining your vehicle's interior with one-size-fits-all plastic pieces from big Canadian box stores? We didn't think so. Organize your dash, dress up the interior, and line your cargo space, floors, and seats with quality Stillen Infiniti interior accessories that were designed and built to suit your exact Infiniti model, and no other.

Stillen Infiniti Brake Pads at Auto West Infiniti

Stillen Infiniti Brake Upgrades

In the two-part balance of performance, being able to slow down and stop as instantly and effectively as possible is often just as important as being able to take off. Stillen Infiniti brake upgrades provide plenty of solutions for your braking needs, available across a variety of price points.

  • Brake cooling kits that reduce wear and improve consistency
  • Stainless steel brake line kits which increase responsiveness and driver feel
  • Various brake rotors adding style while reducing performance hindrances
  • Brake pads (including ceramic brakes) for both racing and street use

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