Winter Tires at Auto West Infiniti

Is It Worth Buying Winter Tires for Your Infiniti in British Columbia? 

Did you specifically choose to live in Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia to avoid the predictably challenging winters found in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, & Quebec? Although the Lower Mainland is more known for rain than snow, you should seriously consider getting winter tires for your Infiniti.

The summer performance and all season tires that come standard from the factory on Infiniti cars, crossovers, and SUVs are designed for optimal traction in temperatures above 7-degrees Celsius. But when the mercury dips below that mark, the rubber compound on those summer and all-season tires tends to harden like a hockey puck, significantly affecting your vehicle's traction and collision avoidance.

Installing winter tires on your Q50, Q60, QX50, or QX60 will ensure that when the roads get slick from freezing rain, or the white stuff starts to accumulate (particularly in the higher lying areas of Whistler, Burnaby Mountain, Coquitlam, and North and West Vancouver), your vehicle will stop approximately 30-percent shorter than standard all season tires.

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Beat the usual rush and schedule your next tire change by calling our service advisors at 604-247-8800. The Auto West Infiniti parts team can order in any brand of winter/snow tire from our wholesaler, and we can quickly balance and install tires for any make of vehicle, not just Infinitis. 

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